1. What are the payment methods you provide to us?

A. You are given so many options to complete the payment procedure such as – VISA, JCB, MasterCard, Diners card and Amex. At this point we do not provide PayPal payment method.

2. What about the authenticity of your products?

A. The products that we sell belong to so many registered cosmetic manufacturers that are 100% authentic and hence one can easily rely on them.

3. How much time will it take for the products reach their doorstep?

A. This all depends on the product(s) that you order is in stock in that particular time and your current location. Roughly it takes 5 to 8 working days. After placing the order you will be notified of the estimated delivery time.

4. Do you also do dropshipping and wholesale?

A. Yes, we do. You may contact us anytime with the subject like 'Wholesale/Drop Shipping Inquiry' and we will gladly assist you.

5. Is it possible that the products are delivered to a different postal address other than my own billing address?

A. Yes, it is possible. After you checkout post payment procedure you are again asked for the shipping address where you can write the desired location.

6. Will I be able to track my package online?

A. Yes. After when your product(s) is/are dispatched we will provide you the tracking number through email. This is made available after 36 hours.

7. What will I do if I never get my package?

A. If you do not receive your package within the estimated time frame you must immediately inform us regarding the same. We will again re-ship your order or alternatively refund your money.

8. How to know the order status?

A. Our customer service department monitors the status of every order till it reaches its destination. Also every customer is given their unique tracking number through which they can know about the order status. If there any issue emerges one may contact the customer service anytime.

9. What to do if the package is received in its defective form?

A. If, in any case, a damaged or defective product is received you may immediately contact the customer care representative for the same. He/she will arrange you an alternate shipment.

10. I can't see my order after logging in. Why?

A. The number of orders till date can only be seen if you first create an account and then do the purchasing thing. Some customers prefer buying as a guest and in that case they can only receive an email regarding their orders on that particular moment. If you have created your account and still your orders don't show up then you must speak to our customer care representative and he/she will assist you further.

11. I would like to add more orders in my already existing order without paying extra shipping charges? How is that possible?

A. If you finish your purchase and realize that you missed something the best alternative is to again make an order separately and email us the reference number for both the orders. We will merge the two and so you won't have to pay any additional charges for the shipment.

12. I did not receive my complete order. What to do now?

A. Well our warehouse team is active enough and do not make such mistakes but at times manual errors might occur and one may not get the notification of absence of stock, and therefore could get incomplete order due to that. Sometimes one might also receive the wrong product and for both the cases the only solution is to contact our customer support department. Please attach photographs as well if possible while sending the info regarding that. The warehouse department will then be informed for the same and your correct order will be dispatched.